Monday, 15 December 2014

Matt McGinn - We're fine most of the time

Live Recording

A sample of a live recording made recently, at a concert for Matt McGinn in Belfast. Jolly fine stuff if you ask me.

Equipment used:
Roland M-480 Digital Mixer
Roland R-1000 48 Track Digital Hard Disc Recorder
Fohhn LX-150 Compact Line-Array System with Fohhn XS-30 Subwoofers

Microphones & DI's:
Vocals: 3 x Beyerdynamic TG V70d,
Bass Drum: Beyerdynamic M99,
Overheads: Beyerdynamic MC 930,
Electric/Pedal Steel Guitar: Sontronics Halo,
Acoustic Guitar: 2 x Radial J48,
Keyboards: 3 x AdT DI-HR,

Matt McGinn concert, Holywood, 17.12.2014


Looking forward to a concert this Wednesday, 17.12.2014, at the Holywood Yacht Club, County Down, featuring Matt McGinn, Gareth Dunlop and Kim Richey. Should be a good one, as long as we don't have to set up and perform on a boat.

Thursday, 11 December 2014


A sound engineer was concerned that his wife was going deaf. 
He consulted his doctor who suggested that he go home and ask his wife a question, starting at 40 feet and getting 10 feet nearer until she could hear him.
He went home and stopped at the front door, "What's for tea tonight dear?" he said.  Nothing came back. 
He moved another 10 feet closer to the lounge door, 30 feet, and asked again, "What's for tea tonight dear?" 
Still nothing so he went to the dining room door, "What's for tea tonight dear?" She must be really deaf he thought as he walked to the kitchen door, just 10 feet from her. "What's for tea tonight dear?" 
She replied, "For the fourth time, it's chicken!"

Fiddlers Green Festival Rostrevor 2014, Nasc - Ard Ti Chuain

Live Recording

One of the highlights of the Festival 2014 was the performance of Nasc, recorded 23.07.2014

Nasc is an explosive new urban Gael collaboration featuring the finest in Scottish and Irish traditional music & song. Maeve MacKinnon, Grainne Holland, Ross Martin, Dónal O'Connor & Neil Martin

 Equipment used:

Roland M-480 Digital MixerRoland R-1000 48 Track Digital Hard Disc Recorder
Fohhn LX-601 Compact Line-Array System with Fohhn XS-30 Subwoofers

Microphones & DI's:
Vocals: Grainne, Ross, Dónal, Neil - Beyerdynamic TG V70d, Maeve - Shure SM57
Fiddle & Cello: DPA d:vote 4099
Guitar: Beyerdynamic MC930 & Radial J-48 DI Box
Keyboards: 2 x AdT DI-HR